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Baskets in flight

The day after we got home from Bujumbura, I took off for Kigali, Rwanda with our Logistics Manager, Edson, to ship some 700 baskets to the U.S. via air freight.  It was our first ever air freight shipment, and considering that fact it went extremely well.  We followed the step by step instructions from East African Cargo, our shipping agent in Kigali, and things went smoothly.  We did, however, manage to lock our keys in the car at the border which was slightly awkward.

Luckily a local kid with a bike was willing to sell us one of his spokes at  a very low price, which Edson then used to pick the lock.  Another great moment occured at the airport when a German Shepherd came running up to sniff our boxes and Edson’s eyes just about popped out of his head.  First, he had never seen a dog that large, and secondly he’d never heard of dogs who could sniff out drugs.

The products were shipped off to Chicago without a hitch, where they were then picked up by volunteers who will be selling them at the Ethnic Arts Festival in Evanston, Illionois this July.  Those lucky Illinoisers! 😉


One response

  1. Peggy Stalheim

    Best of luck, Womencraft!!!

    June 22, 2011 at 2:24 am

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